Thursday, November 14, 2013

Well, well, well, lookie here, I'm back!!!  Please don't faint, but come along and share my day with me.

Last time I wrote in here, I was more than a little perturbed, and I am still quite upset, but have decided that almost nothing I can do will change the situation, so will just have to let God take care of it all.  I am still puzzled how two supposedly adults can behave so childishly over an incident a few years ago, I carried grudges like that, I simply could not function.  I will no longer cater to these two and their antagonistic actions towards each other.  I do not get paid enough to wipe their noses and burp them, so to speak, so if they need to battle, they can and perhaps I will sell tickets!!  Just kidding.

My day today has been rather productive, mostly because Tom was off farming again.  He is loving being out there driving tractors and doing field work again, after all it has only been about 35 years since he was doing his own farm chores.  I enjoyed my day by boxing up for storage an appliance not used in about 6 years.  It has been taking up counter space for that long, so now our new crock pot is sitting in that spot.  I removed a few other things off that counter, so it sure looks different, not to mention clean!!

Got the dishes washed, played my games on the computer, then headed for my cave to see what kind of trouble I could get into.  Ended up sorting thru a couple of storage totes and came up with some pretty old pictures of myself looking pretty spiffy, if I may be so bold.  Not sure what to do with all the ones from #3 wedding, because I looked almost skinny in those pics.  Also found some of an old flame and me, and not sure I want to dispose of those.  Found a bunch of dishes from long ago in that container, so brought them up to wash and use.  Wanted to sew, but my fingers preferred to keep digging thru that tub, so did that until it was time for food.  Came up with a bunch of teddy bear fabrics, so need to sort those and store them with the rest of that grouping.  Also found a whole lot of flannel, so that will go on the shelf, too.

I am in the process of making a dozen teddy bears out of a man's shirts, for his girls and grandkids.  He passed away in June, so asked his wife for the shirts when she was ready to sort out his clothes, with the intent of making bears.  I am also going to make her a small quilt out of the sleeves of those shirts, so she will continue to have his arms around her for a long time.  I hope she will like it.  I am making Majestic Mountain pattern, using the shirt fabric for the mountains, and her favorite color for the sky area.  She told me her favorite color is lavender/purple, so that is what she's getting.  Thought it might look strange, but so far it is fine.  Almost done putting those blocks together and have half of the bears sewn and stuffed.  Have only 4 of them all done, but at least I am steady working on them.  Actually sewed #7 today and it is waiting for stuffing.  Getting fabric from Illinois to make 2 more "memory bears" tomorrow, thanks to a fellow who works at the bank here, who spread the word that I do such stuff, after making him 2 bears out of his Dads flannel shirt last year.  Free advertising is always a good thing, I think.

Have a box started to take to Goodwill next time we go to Mason City.  Bits of odd fabrics and a bunch of crafty type stuff.  I have a huge bag of too big clothes to take along too.  Not sad about that, either.

Now I am tired, but want to finish closing up this white checked teddy bear before heading to bed.  I am making a large batch of pie crust so it can freeze it for later.  Been trying to get that job done all week, which would have been lots more fun than dealing with 2 spoiled rotten old ladies!!!   LOL

Will relate what is going on with the senior center tomorrow.  Take care, stay well, and God Bless!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I am ashamed with myself.  I have not been in here to say  or do anything in a very looooooooong time, but my current state of mind needs relief, so figured this would be a good thing to do, even if not a single soul will read it.  I have journalized many times in my many years, but have sadly lacked in that department for seemingly too long.  My mood is nasty, hurt, bewildered, and debilitating for me and I need to deal with all that.  Hold on, here goes!!

Today is November 12, 2013 and the phone call I just received has me so angry and upset, my hands are shaking so bad, my spelling may seem awful, and for that I apologize in advance.  Somewhere along the way, it will get better, I promise.

About 3 years ago, I was elected to be president of our local senior center, having been personally selected by the outgoing president, who was, and still is, dealing with multiple medical problems.  I did not chose to be installed into this job, but took it because most of the others in the group seemed so willing to help when needed.  Most of the time that has worked, up until we were losing the then current manager for the place.  We managed to find a replacement, who would also be the Meals on Wheels cook.  For all of that to happen, we had to do upgrades to our old facility, but getting that done allowed us to pass rather stringent state and local laws pertaining to on-site food preparations.  All that has been up and running rather nicely since February this year.

One of our members, who is both V-P of the group, and a member, is also one of the trouble makers!!  Let me say that the membership of our rapidly aging group has dwindled by over half in the 5 years I have been attending functions there.  My husband plays music there once a month, so that is how I got involved in the first place, but none of what is going on is in any way related to him.

The phone call I go earlier was the cook/manager telling me that she was about to walk out the door and leave us high and dry because of this one person!!  Seems there is an unpleasant history between these two women, which neither seems to want to give up.  One will say something mean about the other, then be hurt when retaliated.  Neither of these people are young anymore, so I felt in the beginning that they should just put on their "big girl panties" and get on with the rest of the world.
But nooooooooooooo, they keep picking and digging at one another, either directly or indirectly, and I am about ready to knock both of them out with steel 2X4's.  Not being a violent person, it is very hard for me to believe I have said that, but it is how I feel right now.  Meals on Wheels would become extinct in this town, and we have a lot of homebound people who rely on this service, who would no longer get at least one hot meal a day.  Not anything I want to see happen, however.

I have to go to the center this afternoon for our regular card playing day, and I am going to do a great deal of ranting!!  I may lose a couple of friends, but my heart is telling me I have to say something and right now.  We may end up not playing cards after all.  LOL  This has always been a fun day of the week for me, since I started going there.  Never played this card game in my whole life, until I learned by going on Tuesdays.  My blood pressure is going to be off the charts in a little while, and I will be using words that have not come out of mouth for maybe 50 years, but if that is what it takes to get them to listen to me, I can certainly do it.  Sure glad Tom won't be there to hear, as he would faint.

The senior center has been active for about 45 years, but has declined drastically in the last 10, because none of the former members have been replaced with new folks.  This is a pretty old town, but nobody wants to be identified as "old", so they stay away in droves, except for the monthly birthday luncheon, when the place is full.  A concept my brain doesn't seem to grasp.  We usually get between 5 and 9 card players, but can get as few as 4, because of medical appointments or funerals. both frequent with senior citizens.

If we lose the meals, and it looks like that is gonna happen, we will also have to dispose of the physical building housing the center.  Thank God all those arrangements were set in place by the original members, and they are still viable.  Without the Elderbridge involvement, we will not have enough money to handle the normal operating costs for very long, and God forbid we have a large maintenance cost, we will lose it all.  Very few of the original memebership are still able to have any interest in the place, nobody new wants to care about it, and now 2 bossy, selfish, mouthy women are gonna just flat kill it. 

Can you tell I am not in a good mood??  One good thing, my hands are much less shaky than when I started.  When my internal "lion" starts roaring, the shaking will return!!!

More after I get home, in about 7 hours or so.  Have to go man a booth at a local ladies night out attraction, dealing with our quilt guild table.  Hope my mood lightens a bunch before I start on that, which should be quite festive.  Quilt guild is also suffering financial deficits.  Oh what fun we are having at my house!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Howdy, here it is, almost bedtime on Friday night. I am rather tired tonight, and am about ready to hit the sack. Been a busy couple of days, and it is telling on me. LOL

Yesterday started very early, with a trip to Mason City, to do battle with the dental lab that made my latest dentures. A couple of weeks ago, another tooth popped out of the lower plate this time, and both Tom and I were fuming. The teeth will be one year old next Tuesday, and should not be popping out yet. The first one came out on the top plate when I'd had them a very short time. Both times got repaired for nothing, but that should be the case, only because of the price we paid to get this set! Outrageous, if I may say so. Even the ones we got for 1/7th the cost of these lasted longer than that! I was madder than an old wet hen when we got there, but after talking to the owner of the lab, felt some better. Left them there, and headed for a drop of used clothing at the Goodwill store there. Then we had to fill our gas tank in the van, and had to pay $2.91 a gallon, at Fleet Farm, and that was with the 4 cent off coupon. Tom needed some shear bolts for the snowblower, so picked those up to get the coupon.

After we filled the car, I got to go play at Hobby Lobby for a bit, and came out of there with 4 yards of Kona black fabric, a couple 1/2 yards pieces of pretty (?) orange fabrics, and some cute little butterfly headed pins for my cruise roomie, who doesn't have that kind. Then back to claim my teeth, which I put in immediately, and headed for our fave Chinese food place for lunch. Had a huge, yummy meal, and came back home. Got here about 1:30 in the afternoon, so the day was not completely shot. I asked Tom if he thought he could actually eat our regular Thursday supper of broasted chicken after the lunch we had, and when he said no, I got busy and whipped up a batch of squash soup for supper at home. Have to thank Diane M. for the good butternut squash from her garden. It sure made good soup. We ate the last of it for lunch today, and went to our fave local restaurant for all you can eat fish tonight!

Didn't write anything in here last night, simply because shortly after I sat down here, I fell asleep, so I just went to bed. Must have been really wiped out, because I barely remember laying down. LOL Woke up this morning, with another full slate to get thru during the day. Had dirty dishes to deal with, which got done pretty early. I got 2 complete loads of laundry washed and dryed, so that is good, too. After I slurped my bowl of squash soup, I drove up to Frost, MN to get my hair cut. Ruth cut it very short again, which I love. I invited her to go for supper with us tonight, which she did. She just turned 83 on Dec. 31, and still works just about every day in the little beauty shop, saying she does not want to have to retire. She is a widow, and all her kids live far away, so she basically only has work to keep her busy. We have asked her to come water our plants and check the house while we are off to Arkansas this year. Our first person is now 92 years old, and is having some problems with our steps into the house. It is not a huge job, just necessary. We plan on being away for at least 2 months this year, so need someone to do the task.

I put a bit of sewing on my to-do list for this day, and got to cross off the job, which was to finish the Dec. BOM from the Carol Doak site. Had to remake it because the pattern got printed the wrong size, and I did not discover that fact until AFTER I had the first block all made!! Geez, I really hate when that happens!! I got lucky to find a workable bright green to replace the one I started with, because that one is about to run out on me. I think I will not have to use all the blocks, because I am making this quilt for Alex, our grandson who lives in Wisconsin. I chatted with him on Facebook last week, and found out the quilt just happens to be made with some of his favorite colors, including yellow and black, so this quilt can be made a twin size and still work for him. I think I have almost enough blocks already made for that size. I feel very happy about that!!

Hmmmmmmm, do you have any idea how tasty unflavored Greek yogurt is, when you stir in a bit of honey? That, along with some walnuts is my snack before bed tonight. Darn good, if I may say so.

Well, kiddos, I am struggling to stay awake here, so think I will wrap it up for this time. Will try to write again tomorrow, but it may not happen, because we have to head north for a steam show banquet tomorrow evening, then stay over with friends in that area, and I won't have my computer along. I may get some new pics to share with ya, so it will be ok!!!

Have a good night, sweet dreams, and stay warm.

Quilty hugs,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Hump Day!! I always liked this day, for some reason, and I love the look on people's faces when I wish them Happy Hump Day! When I was opping in the quiltchat room on a regular basis, chatter would come in during my Wednesday slot, just to hear me say that. I loved it, and always smiled when I offered the greeting. Some of the European chatters had to be instructed in the meaning of the phrase, but after they knew, they also liked to hear it.

I like Wednesday, but did not like all the happenings on this particular one. Got up later than I usually do, so that put me behind right away. Ate my breakfast, checked my emails, played the regular games on, then had to help Tom decide if he wanted to go along on my "drug run" to Blue Earth. That took an inordinate amount of time, but he finally decided I would not totally wreck the van if he didn't do the driving today. The roads were really well cleaned off, after all the snow we have had. There were a couple of icky patches, but I took care, and got to my destination in fine shape.

Went into Wal-Mart, after landing in a perfectly lovely parking spot, and headed to the pharmacy, where my prescription was waiting for me. I was a bit shocked when the gal told me I would have to pay for it, so I growled at her. After I got it thru my head, that this being the first time for this refill this year, I would have to pay my deductible, which had totally vacated my ancient brain! While I was still working that over, I was informed that my credit card would not work! I just did a transfer payment on that yesterday, so I knew it was ok and up to date, but they told me that the numbers didn't match, and apparently the card had expired. Well, my expiration date will not happen until 2012, so that is what I told them. By this time, I was ready to chew nails, because all of this should have taken about 5 minutes, and I had been in the store already for nearly half an hour. I ended up having to sign my name at least 6 times in that stupid little box on the counter, feeling like my life was really on hold for the day. Finally grabbed my refill and headed for the fabric department, where I picked up 2 packages of bias tape needed for garments I am building to wear on my cruise; a short pair of scissors going to the same place as the garments, and a container of flat head flower pins for my cruise roomie, who doesn't have any. Searched high and low for a simple spice cake mix, but alas, none was to be found. I did pick out a new top, so that made up for no cake mix, and besides, the top is much prettier!! Got a very cheerful cashier, but I even growled at him, but only after he asked how my day was going. LOL

Headed for the local grocery store then, and needed to pick up just a couple of things, which I did, without any problem. Then I headed for the local Quik Stop gas station, for my supply of small, rather green bananas and a quick cup of flavored coffee for my drive hme. That was a good stop, so was a bit happier on the drive home. Went a different route home, and the roads that way were a mess, so I had to pay closer attention. A couple of the intersections were purely awful, and I was happy to get back into my garage. When I looked at the clock, was shocked to see just how long I had been gone. Tom asked what took so long, so I told him, He just laughed and said he was glad he didn't go, then.

I called and got an appointment to get my hair cut on Friday, so glad to have that out of the way, too. Needed to get the cut, because we are going to Faribault, MN for a steam show banquet on Saturday, and will be staying over at friends house, so have to look sorta good for that. Not promising much, however.

Have to get up early in the morning, so we can drive to Mason City to get my denture repaired. The teeth are less than a year old, and this is the second tooth that has come out, so we are both very upset about that. You'd think for the amount of money we spent on the dentures, they would at least last a year. I do know I will not go to that dentist again, for ANYTHING!! That won't be too hard to do, because she is no longer dentisting!! I put my old plate in when we went to have cheap baskets up in Rake for supper, and I discovered that they no longer work very well. They sure do not match up well with the upper plate, so chewing was a chore. Took me extra long to get down my shrimp and fries. Tried to slurp up some pickles, and that was not a good thing at all. The missing tooth and the plate are in a little baggie, waiting to go get fixed.

After we got home from supper, I headed to the cave for some sewing, and I got about 3/4 of a paper pieced block done. My eyes were getting very tire, so I stopped sewing and started looking for a thread catcher pattern I have. Want to make my cruise roomie one of those for the trip, because she doesn't have one of those, either. Of course, you know that the pattern was no place I looked, but I do know it is down there somewhere. I hope I can find it BEFORE March, because then it will be too late to make it. I do wish that Somebody would quit moving my stuff and hiding it, because then I don't know where to look for it when I need it. Oh well, not to worry, it will appear soon enough, I hope.

Should I make Alex's quilt a twin size, or full size? I have enough blocks right now to make a twin size one, so maybe I will. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Well, kids, now it is beddy-bye time, so I can do some more driving/riding tomorrow. Sure hope the repair won't take all day, but the lab does have to work me into their very busy schedule. A real shame, if you ask me.

Have a good night, sweet dreams, and quilty hugs,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here it is Tuesday!! We got lots of snow, because it came down all night long. Tom fired up the tractor this morning and moved enough for me to get the van out of the garage. Then he got into his truck and followed me out of the driveway, making sure I got out!! Too bad he had the 4 wheel drive, because he had to take a couple of runs at it before he escaped!! The road into town was horrible, so speed did not come into play! A snail could have kept up! lol

We got to town in time for the taco salads at the deli, and the place was packed. I truly did not think there would be many there today, because of the weather, but I got fooled. Oh well, the food was very good, so all was fine. Got done with lunch, and headed across the street to the senior center, hoping to play cards with
the rest of the oldies. Alas and alack, only 5 of us had showed up by 1:15, so we canceled the party. The last man to show up is just recovering from his knee surgery, so he was absolutely the last one I expected. Jake will do that to ya, tho.

Tom had picked up the mail, so I did not have to stop for that. It was too early for the latest issue of the local newspaper, so I just came home. It was rather strange being home on Tuesday afternoon, as I have been going for the card playing for over a year now, and don't plan any other activities for the day, so was sorta lost for the day. I did go down to my cave for some sewing, after I paid my credit card bill on the computer.

Last night we got the new block from sweetjessy in the chatroom, and got that made before I went to bed. Even got the pic sent to her, so she can get it online. The quilt will become the new raffle quilt for the senior center. Hopefully, I can get it topped while in Arkansas in a couple of months. I did get the last 2 quilted postcards made for the crew on the cruise ship. Amy tells me it is nice to gift the daily assistants who serve us, so we decided to make the cards. I do love making those, so it was not so difficult.

I got one of my UFO's done late last week. Will try to get a pic of it loaded here, but not promising anything. Pictures do not work very well for me in here, for some reason. I have to find a new pattern for quilt guild later this month, so have to look and find something, then make a sample to show the ladies. We are needing to get another supply of charity quilts, so we will use the blocks I pick
for that, instead of doing a lottery. We have done the lottery draw long enough now, that nearly everyone in the group has 2 quilts from them. They still want me to pick the patterns, a job I have done now since 2004, I think. I do not know what I will do if Marcia Hohn ever stops doing her quilters cache site. I have used her blocks for nearly every month in 7 years!! I just love her patterns, and have used lots of them for my personal quilts. One I made is a 2 color quilt, pink and white. I went to the fabric store in Minneapolis, and as soon as I walked in the door, I heard something calling my name, so of course, I had to go look for whatever it was! LOL I found the pink fabric, and I bought all that was left of the bolt. It looks like a pink oil spill, with blues, purples, gray and almost white swirled in. Went back AFTER I finished the quilt, and found some more of the same fabric, and ALL of that went home with me too!! May I say that I love that fabric?? So far, that is the only time that has happened to me.

I did find some very wild bright green, think lime, that I bought all left on the bolt, too, but only on the first visit to that store in Arkansas! Too far to drive for seconds! I was on a mission to find at least 20 greens, for a Turning 20 quilt fo
r a lady friend, who's fave color is green. Did not have much of that in my stash, soooooo had to go shop for it. I now have lots and lots of green on the shelf! Still wonder why my likes change so much, because I use green so often these days. I am making a blue Snapshot quilt for a young man's graduation next year, and I even am putting in one piece of green, with animals on it, no less. Well shoot, he does live in Minnesota!!! I will get a picture of that one in here, when it gets all done. That is on my to do list for Arkansas this year.

Boy, I hope I have enough energy to get all my stitching done down there! Leave for there on March 14, and that is coming up fast! Am getting all the projects collected, so I won't run out. LOL I am working on the latest challenge on the Carol Doak site, which is a G E D ( Get 'er Done), and I have my first UFO done already. The pic is here.
This was a Scenic Block block of the month in 2009, and I just got it finished a few days ago. I do still have to add a label, then find someone who wants the quilt. Lots of the people I have shown this one to just love the backing I used. LOL I did not take a pic of that, because it is just an old sheet, with brown leafless trees on it, but it goes nicely with the front of the quilt. Why not use it?

I think it is time for me to stop this for the night, and get back to my December BOM from the Carol Doak site. Stupid computer printed the first pattern too small, so had to reprint it. At least it came out the right size the second time, so I can actually get it made now. Have all the parts cut for it, just have to sew it. I have become totally addicted to paper piecing. Carol will be one of the teachers, and the reason I am going, on the cruise I am taking in March!! It will be my "virginal voyage", so am both excited and nervous about it. Sure hope it doesn't end up like the cruise ship on the west coast last year.

Well, I think this is enough for now, so will bid you a good night, send you warm hugs, and tell ya "see ya later".

Peace and prayers,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My first post of 2011!!

Well, I did not make it on New Year's Day, like I planned, but hey, it is still January!! I figure if I write anything during the current month, it will count as timely. There has been a lot going on around here, and that is my only real excuse.

We have been losing friends left and right, so going to funerals and dealing with families has been the most frequent happenings since late summer. It is too many, but thank goodness we are not in charge of that facet of life, so we just have to deal with it. Our dear friend, Lorene, had a heart attack after a wet, heavy snow, while she was trying to clear off her driveway. She was 77 years old, and simply should not have been doing that. She ended up in the Mankato hospital, in a coma, and just never came out of it. Because she had no family in this area, we sorta got elected to handle the cleaning and closing out her house, as her family was all far away. It was a difficult task, but I am happy we did what we could to help out. We planned a garage sale for the 11th of December, so of course, that is the day we got hit with a blizzard! Being of sturdy stock, both Tom and I decided to go ahead with the sale, and ended up doing waaaaaaaay better than we anticipated. We also showed the house to several interested couples on that day, too. After we got sold all we could, we had to gather up the remainder and get it to the thrift shops, the charity groups, etc. When all got wrapped up, we found we could make a nice memorial donation to one of Lorene's favorite bluegrass organizations, and that will be mailed this week. Lorene went home to the Lord, and her beloved Chappie, on Nov. 23, so that sorta dimmed our Thanksgiving a bit, because she had been on my guest list. We attended her memorial service on that next Saturday, where many of her music friends came to send her off in a rousing bluegrass jam in the funeral home. The house has been sold, and it has closed already, so am happy about that. Her passing will leave a huge vacancy in my life, but I am happy she is back with her honey!!

I do wish I would have known who all would be at the jam today, as I had stuff for some of them, from Lorene, so will either have to mail it to them or wait until we are together again. I found some old looking Christmas ornaments that are meant for the singer who performed with Lorene. Pam cherishes such things, so old is great for her.

Even with all the extra activity here, I have managed to get some quilting done. I am so thankful for that part of my life, as it is my "equalizer", which has been so needed this year. Why does getting old have to be so traumatic? I turned 69 one month and 2 days ago, and I can feel every single year of it!!! Will be spending most of the rest of this month doing doctor stuff. Have to go for my first 6-month check-up at Mayo, on Jan. 31, for an overnight stay, which actually got stretched out to nearly 7 1/2 months, because they seem to have forgotten about me. I got new dentures last year in January, and have to go get them repaired for the second time already! Tom and I are both incensed about that, because the new choppers cost us a lot of dollars. Think that will take place on Wednesday this week, but it makes us drive about 150 mile round trip to the lab in Mason City!! I just went for my annual physical at the GP, and found my A1C is up to 6.3, which is too high for my peace of mind, but the doctor seems ok with it.

Back to the quilting, I have been keeping up with the BOM from the Carol Doak site, as well as the block of the week from the quiltchat room. The Carol Doak quilt will become a grandson's quilt, and the chatroom one will be a raffle quilt for the local senior center. Both are good places. I have been gathering my supplies, and some new clothes, for my virginal voyage in March. Will be gone on that for a week, then come home, get the motorhome loaded, and head for Arkansas for almost 2 months. However did I find time to work before?? LOL

Well, I am about talked out for this day, so will get back to my sink of dirty dishes. I will try to come back and bore you more a bit later. Stay happy and healthy.

Quilty hugs,

p.s. Happy Birthday, Mom - you would have turned 94 now.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Well, here I am again. What a year this has been. I see that my last post in here was in April. Shame on me, but I have been very busy around here since then. Lots of traveling, buying a new (to us) motorhome, getting rid of the old one, burning down our rental house, dealing with the weather, and cleaning up the grounds after the straight-line winds blew down a bunch of our trees. I was also elected to be president of our local senior center, so that also takes some of my time. I never realized all there was to do, when you want to burn a piece of property. We had to move the pressure tank from the old house to the one we live in, as well as changing the direction of our well.

I thought I would miss the second house, but the only time I actually do is when I am headed north on the road past our place. LOL I can now look out of the south windows in our home and see at least a half mile away with nothing blocking my view. I love it!! We burned the house near the end of June, on a day when the temps were in the 90's. I felt sorry for the firemen who were here for the training session, because they had to wear all their gear, and it was sooooooooooo hot! We had 28 firemen in our yard and it took them 2 1/2 hours to get the house burning!! It was so funny, and you should have seen all they did to try making it burn. Some of the stuff they did is not supposed to be done, but they were running out of time and daylight. Got some nice pics of the fire, and a couple are even worth looking at. I am glad that is all done now, because the place looks so much neater now, with the house gone. We now have a dump station in that area, as well as a new flower bed. Should look very nice next summer, just in time for our next bluegrass party in September.

I have been working on quilts quite a bit, too. Got one pink and purple quilt all done and ready to deliver to Angel in Arkansas, which comes in March. I also made a matching pillow case to go with the quilt, and that can be used to store the quilt when she is not using it on her bed. Sure hope she likes it. It is a snowball quilt, with the center of the block being pink and the corners are purples. It turned out very nice, and I machine quilted it. Have also been working on a block of the month from a couple of places on the computer. One is Carol Doak site, and I even got to be a block tester for the November block, which turned out very nicely. We have done 6 blocks now, so it will finish up in May next year. I chose to use black background with brights of the designs. The other block of the month, or week, is going on in the quiltchat room, with the blocks being the same ones that get called for BINGO in the chatroom. We get a new Quilter's Cache block every week, and when they end, we will have 20 blocks made. I have 6 done now, so we are moving right along.

Right next to my computer chair is the small wall quilt I have made to go along with the chatroom stocking exchange. It is red, white, and green fabrics, with a touch of gold, and I machine quilted it with gold metallic thread. I think it turned out pretty, and hope my swappee likes it. I also made her a pretty little teddy bear, and soft and girlie looking! LOL
I am rather sad that there are so few of us from the chatroom that actually joined in for the swap this year, as I think there are only 8 of us doing it. The economy sure screws up the fun stuff in life.

I will be back soon with more of my life's happenings to share with you. I will have more pics for you to look at, too. Please bear with me, because I am trying to do better with keeping up with my blog. We will see how it goes! LOL

Quilty hugs,