Thursday, November 14, 2013

Well, well, well, lookie here, I'm back!!!  Please don't faint, but come along and share my day with me.

Last time I wrote in here, I was more than a little perturbed, and I am still quite upset, but have decided that almost nothing I can do will change the situation, so will just have to let God take care of it all.  I am still puzzled how two supposedly adults can behave so childishly over an incident a few years ago, I carried grudges like that, I simply could not function.  I will no longer cater to these two and their antagonistic actions towards each other.  I do not get paid enough to wipe their noses and burp them, so to speak, so if they need to battle, they can and perhaps I will sell tickets!!  Just kidding.

My day today has been rather productive, mostly because Tom was off farming again.  He is loving being out there driving tractors and doing field work again, after all it has only been about 35 years since he was doing his own farm chores.  I enjoyed my day by boxing up for storage an appliance not used in about 6 years.  It has been taking up counter space for that long, so now our new crock pot is sitting in that spot.  I removed a few other things off that counter, so it sure looks different, not to mention clean!!

Got the dishes washed, played my games on the computer, then headed for my cave to see what kind of trouble I could get into.  Ended up sorting thru a couple of storage totes and came up with some pretty old pictures of myself looking pretty spiffy, if I may be so bold.  Not sure what to do with all the ones from #3 wedding, because I looked almost skinny in those pics.  Also found some of an old flame and me, and not sure I want to dispose of those.  Found a bunch of dishes from long ago in that container, so brought them up to wash and use.  Wanted to sew, but my fingers preferred to keep digging thru that tub, so did that until it was time for food.  Came up with a bunch of teddy bear fabrics, so need to sort those and store them with the rest of that grouping.  Also found a whole lot of flannel, so that will go on the shelf, too.

I am in the process of making a dozen teddy bears out of a man's shirts, for his girls and grandkids.  He passed away in June, so asked his wife for the shirts when she was ready to sort out his clothes, with the intent of making bears.  I am also going to make her a small quilt out of the sleeves of those shirts, so she will continue to have his arms around her for a long time.  I hope she will like it.  I am making Majestic Mountain pattern, using the shirt fabric for the mountains, and her favorite color for the sky area.  She told me her favorite color is lavender/purple, so that is what she's getting.  Thought it might look strange, but so far it is fine.  Almost done putting those blocks together and have half of the bears sewn and stuffed.  Have only 4 of them all done, but at least I am steady working on them.  Actually sewed #7 today and it is waiting for stuffing.  Getting fabric from Illinois to make 2 more "memory bears" tomorrow, thanks to a fellow who works at the bank here, who spread the word that I do such stuff, after making him 2 bears out of his Dads flannel shirt last year.  Free advertising is always a good thing, I think.

Have a box started to take to Goodwill next time we go to Mason City.  Bits of odd fabrics and a bunch of crafty type stuff.  I have a huge bag of too big clothes to take along too.  Not sad about that, either.

Now I am tired, but want to finish closing up this white checked teddy bear before heading to bed.  I am making a large batch of pie crust so it can freeze it for later.  Been trying to get that job done all week, which would have been lots more fun than dealing with 2 spoiled rotten old ladies!!!   LOL

Will relate what is going on with the senior center tomorrow.  Take care, stay well, and God Bless!


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